Citrix Access Infrastructures & Management Services

An infrastructure built on the Citrix suite of products gives you a competitive advantage from other companies. Relaying the right information to the proper people securely becomes much easier with an access infrastructure in place. Your operational efficiency increases while your business costs go down.

Over time, systems become more complex and your workforce will experience a wider distribution. Each added factor only further complicates systems management. Getting an infrastructure in place, as early as possible, can be a proactive solution to eliminating unnecessary headaches down the road.

A Citrix Access Infrastructure simplifies every aspect of your systems management including:

NorthPoint Technology is a leader in designing, implementing, and supporting the most critical Access Infrastructure deployments, including:

Citrix Secure Access

  • Access Gateway
  • Secure Gateway

Citrix Access Suite

  • MetaFrame presentation server
  • Secure access manager
  • Password manager