Managed Private Cloud Computing Services

A private cloud is a digital computing space that is solely accessible by your company or group. Unlike traditional clouds that are more open, a private cloud is enclosed and offers greater security. Clouds have become a hugely important part of many businesses thanks to the virtual space and computing power they provide.

The three main benefits of a private cloud are:

  • Tighter security: Public clouds are secure in their own right, but they will never be as secure as private ones. Private clouds have several unique security features such as on-site hosting and the ability to have distinct, restricted-access pools of resources behind the company’s firewall.
  • More control: Since your organization is the only entity accessing this cloud, the control is yours. You can configure and manage in whatever way is best for you.
  • Energy efficiency: When it’s your own private cloud, you can allocate resources where you need them, even changing them when demand changes.

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