Email Archiving Records Management Services

Emails are an essential part of any business. In addition to the day-to-day need for looking through old emails from time to time, there are generally regulations in place that require you to keep a record of emails, even those of former employees. It’s how the flow of modern office communication works. Sifting through hundreds, thousands, or millions of emails can be a redundant task and is nearly impossible without an email archiving system in place.

NorthPoint Technology wants to help.

We have a fully integrative email archiving system that can manage and organize your email archives, making it extremely easy to find any email that’s ever been sent within your company.

This is an invaluable tool that cannot be overlooked for a business of any size. NorthPoint Technology’s email archiving system shoulders the burden of storing archived email data so your business doesn’t have to.

To set up email archiving for your company today, give us a call at 407.657.6600.