7 Deadly I.T. Sins: #2 MAC Malice

Mac Malice

Macs are gaining ground on Windows in corporate usage. However, many Macs aren’t properly protected against malware and data loss. Macs can be infected with malware just like PCs, and the threat is growing. Macs can also play host to Windows malware and spread it across your network to all your Windows computers. Your employees love their Macs, but you can’t afford to give Macs a pass on protection.


Sophos lets you secure and manage all your Windows, Mac and mobile devices through one easy to use solution.

  • Complete cross-platform protection, managed through a single console.
  • Enforce user-based policies that follow users across devices and platforms.
  • Secure Macs against the latest threats – AV-Comparatives results show that Sophos catches more Mac malware than other security software.

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Watch Mac Malice in action

See a Mac malware attack and learn how to avoid falling victim.