7 Deadly I.T. Sins: #1 Mobile Negligence

Mobile Negligence

That flashy little device in your pocket is a big security risk. Hackers are increasingly targeting mobile devices to steal data (emails, contacts, corporate data, financial information) and send premium rate SMS, using up your bandwidth in the process. Android devices are most vulnerable to threat – last year Sophos Labs saw an 1800% increase in Android malware. While there is less iOS malware these devices are still vulnerable to attack, particularly jailbroken devices.


NorthPoint makes it easy to secure and manage your mobile devices.

  • Enforce secure passwords, block unwanted apps, and enable corporate email and Wi-Fi.
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches with remote wipe and anti-theft technologies.
  • Secure Android devices against mobile malware using the core Sophos antivirus engine.

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