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        Amichem New Materials (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., a domestic famous manufacturer of glass frosting powder, glass enamel, low-temp glass/metal printing ink, and glass/metal paint, established in 2000 (formly known as Zhengzhou Jinshui Yamei Glass Craft Material Factory, Zhengzhou Yamei Glass Technology Co., Ltd.), is a hi-tech integrated enterprise, engaging in the scientific research, manufacture and marketing. The company is located in the industrial agglomeration district of Xingyang (the famous birthplace of Chu River and Han Border), 3 kilometers from the Zhongyuan Road Exit of Zhengzhou West Ring Expressway, 2 kilometers from Zhengzhou High-Speed Railway West Station and 50 kilometers from Xinzheng Airport. 

        The main business is: glass frosting powder series, glass enamel series, glass/metal ink/paint series and other glass, ceramic and metal deep-processing chemical products. Mainly used in automotive glass, furniture glass, home appliance glass, architectural glass, electronic glass, high aluminum and high borosilicate glassware, and other fields.

        For the past more than 20 years, in addition to the traditional frosting powder, enamel, ink and paint used in the fields of architectural glass, furniture glass, automotive glass, metal and ceramics, the business scope has also been active in the electronic glass industry and the enterprise has developed new functional materials for glass, such as electronic glass frosting powder series, touch screen glass enamel series, stripe glass enamel series, high hiding power  electronic glass enamel series, and high dyne level electronic glass ink series. 

        ▼Aerial View of the Corporation

        Manufacturing Plant


        Manfacturing  Workshop


        R&D Complex


        Office Corridor

        Meeting Room

        Technology Department

        Quality Control Department