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        High Borosilicate Glassware Frosting Powder

        來源: 發布時間:2023-05-11

        I. Descriptions:

        1. This type of frosting powder is acid powder. Add hydrochloric acid and water. Mature for over 24 hours before use.

        2. The product is a white powdery substance.

        3. The frosting process can be carried out by automatic line horizontal spraying or vertical soaking in the tank.

        II. Features:

        1. Fast frosting speed and high output.

        2. The frosting solution is stable, not easy to precipitate, and has a good suspension.

        3. The frosting solution is recyclable.

        III. Applications:

        Suitable for the frosting processing of high-grade cosmetic bottles, glass jars, glassware and other high borosilicate glass.