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        Soda Lime Glassware Frosting Powder

        來源: 發布時間:2023-05-11


        1. The frosting powder is acid powder. Add hydrochloric acid and water. It can be used after maturing for over 24 hours to the normal temperature.

        2. The product is a white powdery substance.

        3. The frosting process can be carried out by automatic line horizontal spraying or vertical soaking in the tank.

        II. Features:

        1. The frosting solution is stable, not easy to precipitate, and has a good suspension.

        2. Frosting particles are evenly distributed, smooth and delicate, and feel good.

        3. The frosted glass surface has strong graininess, good hand feeling and hazy and beautiful appearance, being soft and transparent.

        4. Fast frosting speed and good whiteness. 

        III. Applications:

        Scope of application : Ordinary transparent glass products, glass bottles, glass lampshades, mirror, glass mosaic, etc.