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        High Aluminum AG Glass Water-Based Frosting Powder

        來源: 發布時間:2023-05-11


        1. Inside the product bag are Bag A and Bag B. After unpacking, please follow the instructions for storage and production.

        2. The proportion of the frosting powder is about 6-9 kg of water per bag (25 kg) of the powder.

        3. The frosting processing can be carried out by automatic line horizontal spraying, manual sand spraying or vertical soaking in the tank.

        4. The frosting powder is suitable for the processing of the high aluminum glass AG.

        II. Scope of Technical Parameters: 

        Ra: 0.04-0.5μm  

        Rsm: 15-80μm

        Gloss: 10-90

        Haze: 1-40%

        III. Applications:

        The main application areas are anti-glare processing of the high aluminum glass such as car navigation glass, touch glass panel and mobile phone glass panel.