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        Electronic Blackboard /Whiteboard AG Glass Frosting Powder

        來源: 發布時間:2023-05-11

        I. Features:

        1. This type of frosting powder is acid powder. Add hydrochloric acid and mix well. It can be used after maturing for over 24 hours and returning to the normal temperature.

        2. The frosting processing can be carried out by automatic line horizontal spraying, manual sand spraying or vertical soaking in the tank.

        3. The product is a white powdery substance in bags.

        4. The glass surface is evenly frosted and the liquid is stable.

        5. This frosting powder is suitable for the frosting processing of the ordinary soda lime glass.

        II. Scope of Technical Parameters: 

         1. Ra: 0.4-1.2μm adjustable

         2. Gloss: 15±1/20±2/40±2

        III. Applications:

        The main application field is the educational blackboard/whiteboard touch all-in-one machine (main board display, side board writing).