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        Photovoltaic Water-soluble Glass Enamel

        來源: 發布時間:2023-09-04

        This product is a high-temperature water-soluble enamel developed by our company for use on the backboard of photovoltaic double-glass modules. The product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with superior comprehensive performance, excellent low shrinkage and high reflectivity, which can effectively increase the power generation efficiency of the components.

        Product parameters:

        Color and gloss (X-rite densitometer): White

        Reflectivity: (38-1100nm) 82 ± 1%

        Solid content: 78 ± 3%

        Fineness (QXD scraper fineness meter): ≤ 6μm

        Expansion coefficient: (85-90) * 10-7/℃

        Viscosity (VT-04F, 25 ℃): 300 ± 50dpa. s

        Adhesive strength: EVA adhesive strength>45N

        Thinner: 4-6%

        Silk screen mesh: 120-200 mesh

        Screen printing temperature/humidity: 20-25 ℃/40-60%

        Silk screen thickness: 20-30μm

        Surface hardness: > 4H

        Drying conditions: 180 ℃/3-5min

        Sintering conditions: 650-720 ℃

        Product advantages and working principle

        The tempered glass enamel is reinforced through high-temperature (680-720?C) instant baking and instant cooling, which melts the glass pigment and the glass body into one, achieving color adhesion and durability. After colorization and enhancement, the glass has strong structure, high strength, strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and good corrosion resistance and hiding power.

        Matters needing attention:

        1. Do not contact with the skin directly;

        2. Stir thoroughly for 5-15 minutes before use;

        3. Please test before mass production;

        4. Immediately seal after use.