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        Tempered Glass Enamel for Rear Windows

        來源: 發布時間:2020-10-16

        1) Black Enamel for Rear Windows

        Features: This product is water-soluble, so you can wash the halftone, tools and equipment directly with water. It is characterized by the following properties: great surface finish, good color saturation, good shielding effect on backlite silver paste and excellent acid and alkali resistance.

        Colors: Black, matte black.

        The lead and cadmium free series meets the RoHS2.0, REACH and Halogen requirements.

        Scope of application: Automotive backlite tempered glass.

        Solid content: 75±3%      

        Fineness: ≤13μm   

        Viscosity: 400±100dPa.s/25±3℃ (RION viscometer VT-04F)

        Screen printing conditions: 180-250 mesh

        Expansion coefficient: 8.5×10ˉ?/℃

        Drying conditions: 150-180℃/3-5 min

        Sintering temperature: 650-730℃/3-8 min

        Note: Related to the heating rate and holding time.

        Sintering atmosphere: Neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere

        Acid resistance: 72h@0.1N H2SO4/80℃

        Alkali resistance: Grade 2-1

        Silver line hiding: △E﹤0.5

        2) Conductive Silver Paste

        Features: Suitable for preparing auto glass defrosting conductive silver paste, which has strong adhesion after being sintered. It is made into electric defrosting glass after being tempered. Low resistance silver paste and high resistance silver paste can be used together, fit for various models of vehicles. It is characterized by the following properties: strong adhesion, excellent soldering resistance and ageing resistance, little resistance fluctuation in long-time printing, good inoxidability and great performance with black enamel.

        Color: Red-brown (after sintering / tin side)

        Silver content: 60-85% (adjustable)

        Fineness: ≤7.5μm

        Viscosity: 250±50dPa.s/25±3℃ (RION viscometer VT-04F)

        Screen printing conditions: 180-320 mesh

        Drying conditions: 130-180℃ /3-5 min

        Peak temperature: 580-620℃ (laminated),  650-730℃ (tempered)

        Sintering condtions: 580-620℃/3-8 min (laminated),  650-730℃/3-8 min (tempered)

        Resistance per square: ≤3mΩ/□@15μm

        Adhesion: ≥ 80N

        Note: The above technical data, derived from the experiments in our company lab, is for reference only. Due to different production environments, the measured technical parameters will be different, so the customers should refer to the data measured on the finished products produced in your own workshops.