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        Glass Enamel for Home Appliances/Furniture/Architecture

        來源: 發布時間:2020-10-16

        Features: This product is water-soluble, so you can wash the halftone, tools and equipment directly with water, which is economical

        and environmental. It is characterized by the following properties: excellent stability, good color saturation, high covering power and strong adhesion. 

        Colors: White, black, red, deep red, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, marine blue, cobalt blue, olive green, cobalt green, coffee red, 

        light purple, frosting and the other colors according to the customers’ requirements.

        The lead and cadmium free series meets the RoHS2.0, REACH and Halogen requirements.

        Scope of application: Home appliance glass, architectural glass, furniture glass, etc.

        Solid content: 75±3%;             

        Fineness: ≤8μm

        Viscosity: 400±100dPa.s/25±3℃ (RION viscometer VT-04F)

        Screen printing conditions: 180-350 mesh

        Expansion coefficient: 6.5-9.5×10ˉ?/℃

        Tempering temperature: 680-720℃

        Sintering atmosphere: Neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere