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        TCB-100A Matte Black Glass Ink of High Dyne Level

        來源: 發布時間:2019-04-17


        This printing ink, meeting the high requirements of the touch screen industry, is two component insulation glass ink of high dyne level. The cured film has various advantages, such as good adhesion, water resistance, chemoresistance, printability,surface hardness and abradability.

        Scope of application: common glass, chemically strengthened glass, and physically tempered glass.

        Operation process: Add 10 portions of the hardener TCB-100B into 100 portions of this ink and dilute the mixture, then print with the

        350~420-mesh halftone.

        First coating: baking at 160℃ for 10min;           Second coating: baking at 160℃ for 20min.

        Technichal parameters are shown in the following table.

        Test Items

        Test Tools

        Test Results




        Surface tension

        Application criterion of the dyne pen


        Optical density

        Application criterion of the optical density (165S,420 mesh,

        monolayer printing)


        Size change

        Quadratic element measuring instrument standard manufacture procedure (165S,420 mesh printing)


        Ultrasonic washing

        Ordinary detergent, 65, 2hr

        Non-foaming;non-wrinkling; non-discoloring; cross-cut adhesion test, 100%

        Boiling resistance

        Soaking in 100 deionized water for two hours

        Non-foaming;non-wrinkling; non-discoloring; cross-cut adhesion test, 100%

        High and low temperature humidity and heat cycle

        80, 95% RH (8hr); -20(2hr); ten cycles in total

        Non-foaming;non-wrinkling; non-discolouring; cross-cut adhesion test, 100%


        Mitsubishi Pencil at an angle of 45 degrees, 500-gram force, measuring at different locations for 3 times



        Cutting 100 grids, 3M gummed paper, continuously pulling off for 5 times

        Cross-cut adhesion test, 100%

        Surface resistance

        Testing surface resistance at 5 locations (≤80%RH)

        1010 Ohm

        Acid resistance

        Soaking in 25 5% H2 SO4 solution for two hours

        ① Non-foaming; non-wrinkling; non-discolouring;

        cross-cut adhesion test, 100%

        Alkali resistance

        Soaking in 25 5% NaOH solution for two hours

        ① Non-foaming; non-wrinkling; non-discoloring;

        cross-cut adhesion test, 100%

        Ethanol tolerance

        Tester loaded with 200 grams; using the winsey, dipped with over 99% alcohol, to rub back and forth for 100 times

        Colorfast; not tarnishing

        Solvent (Acetone) resistance

        Tester loaded with 200 grams; using the winsey, dipped with chemically pure acetone, to rub back and forth for 50 times

        ① Colorfast; not tarnishing

        Performance features:

        Its obvious predominance lies in environmental compliance, no irritative odor, high surface tension, good thixotropic structure,

        medium drying speed and weak corrosion.


        ① Add 1 portion of the matching TCBT-100B hardener into 10 portions of the ink and then fully stir the mixture with moderate thinner before printing.

              ② The recommended baking temperature is 160℃ and the recommended baking time is 10~15 min. On other conditions, please

        confirm the feasibility in advance in order not to affect product quality.

        ③ During the multilayer overprint, in order to ensure the quality, the first coating solidifies after baking at 160℃ for 10 min; the

            second coating solidifies after baking at 160℃ for 20 min.

        ④ The selection of the thinner types and the thinner dosage depend entirely on the adjustment of printing mesh number,

             environmental condition and printing effect.

        Storage condition:

            Before and after using this series of ink, the ink containers should be kept completely sealed in cool and ventilated places to avoid

          exposure to open fire and high temperature.

        Guarantee period:

            The guarantee period is one year since the production date. Beyond the deadline, please reconfirm the usability.

        Note ①: All the above tolerance test data, derived from our test results, is for your reference only and not listed as guarantee value.

        Note ②: This series of ink meets the standard of RoHS2.0, REACH, Halogen and the total test data concerning eight heavy metals.