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        Two Component Self-Drying Ink for Glass and Metal

        來源: 發布時間:2019-04-15

        1. Components: This ink is two component mixed ink for glass and metal, containing the printing ink A and the hardener B. It is 

        made from the mixed grinding of high grade imported colophony, cross-linking agents and pigments. Self-drying or baking method is optional. It has the superior adhesion to glass and metal.

        2. Scope of application: Screen printing and color registering on architectural glass and furniture glass, etc., printing on glass panel 

        of various home appliances (refrigerators, air-conditioners, touch screen, etc.), printing on aluminum and iron materials, etc..

        3. Features: It is two component mixed printing ink. The paint film is characterized by the following properties: strong adhesion (not 

        more than Grade 1 ), bright and hard, scratch resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance. It can meet the requirements without being baked. The ink can be directly used after mixed with the hardener in the fixed proportion and diluted with the thinner. Easy operation, long duration of service and clear silkscreen. The paint film, being high gloss, has high tinting strength, high-temp resistance, excellent liquidity and low odor. It has the superior adhesion to glass and metal (aluminum and tinplate) after drying.

        Testing Item


        Scratch Resistance

        Boiling Resistance

        Heating Resistance

        Acid and alkali Resistance

        Testing Result

        Super Excellent

        Fifth Grade

        Fourth-fifth Grade 

        Fourth-fifth Grade

        Super Excellent

        4. Colors:

        Solid colors: Transparent, white, super-white, black, super-black, yellow, orange yellow, red, rose red, blue, green, purple, sanding, 

        stereoscopic sanding;

        Pearlescent colors: Silver white, silver black, deep red, magical yellow, blue, golden green, crape myrtle, rose red, golden, etc.;

        Magical colors: Platinum, golden, pearl red, pearl peach red, pearl red copper, pearl brilliant red, pearl purple, pearl blue, pearl 

        green, etc..

        5. Usage:

        1) Proportion (weight proportion):

        Add 1 portion of the hardener and 0.1-0.2 portion of the thinner into 4 portions of the ink;

        Add 1 portion of the hardener and 0.1-0.2 portion of the thinner into 2 portions of the varnish.

        2) Thinner: Our slow-drying thinner.

        3) Printing: Silk screen printing, machine printing or manual printing.

        4) Drying conditions: Self-drying or baking at 80-180℃ for 20-60 min.

        6. Packaging: 1 kg, 4 kg or 24 kg